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These are some of the Most Frequently Asked Questions and Answers!
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Q:- Whar was his Name, and when and where was he born? A:- He Was born Vincent Damon Furnier (named after "Uncle Vince and Damon Runyon"), on February 4th, 1948, in Detroit, Michigan, USA.
Q:- When did the band start? A:- The band was put together for a school talent quest, where they actually paid some girls to act like screaming fans. They then decided to learn how to play properly. They had their Debut Album PRETTIES FOR YOU released in 1969.
Q:- Was the band always called Alice Cooper? A:- No, The band was first called "The Earwigs" (taking off The Beatles) and were also called "The Spiders". They settled on Alice Cooper before the release of their Debut Record.
Q:- When Did Vincent Furnier Become Alice Cooper? A:- Vincent Furnier took the name "Alice Cooper" in 1974 after the band officially split. This allowed Furnier all rights to the Band.
Q:- Did Alice Cooper Kill live chickens on stage? A:- No, Somebody threw the chicken on stage, Alice (being a city boy) threw it up in the air, thinking it would fly away, it fell back into the audience and the crowd tore it to pices. The papers headlined with "Alice Kills Live Chickens On Stage"

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